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Meet Natalie from NYC…a fun and very chic fashionista who looks AMAZING in the second skin textured mock neck and new embossed pants. Pants are so easy for running around…

PUBLISHED - Feb 17, 2015 read more

New in Fashion

Layering and Looking Chic

Are you SO over these glacial, bone-chilling temperatures? As you well know, the only way to survive these winters is with layers, layers, layers‚Ķso start stacking them on! All fashionistas…

PUBLISHED - Jan 18, 2015 read more

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Braids & Curls for Spring 2015

Let’s step into 2015 with continued fab fashion finds and all things fun & trendy with your locks. Whether you are straight or curly these styles will work well while…

PUBLISHED - Jan 7, 2015 read more
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