Meet our Shoppers

The Art of Style & Function

Meet Aga, a Fun & Spirited fashionista who appreciates and enjoys unique designs but still wants function. ¬†Getting ready for a trip to Berlin, Aga is stunning in the oversized…

PUBLISHED - Nov 20, 2015 read more

Chic Statement Coats

One of our most-loathed winter wardrobe dilemmas is getting dressed in a chic ensemble just to cover it up with a bulky, basic coat.To keep your style game in top…

PUBLISHED - Nov 12, 2015 read more

New in Fashion

Gelareh Statement Coats at Madonna & Co

¬†Fall/Winter 2015/16 Styles…BACK IN STOCK! Discover the exceptional artistry of Gelareh. Created with meticulous couture handcraft, this collection embodies today‚Äôs sophistication with a glimpse into tomorrow‚Äôs glamour and form. Distinct…

PUBLISHED - Nov 17, 2015 read more

Fur Vest Season is Here!!

The tempatures are dropping. Are you looking for a new coat this season? Embrace a Fur¬†Vest instead. ¬†If you are looking for something to provide greater versatility to your entire…

PUBLISHED - Oct 27, 2015 read more

Read about Beauty

What’s Your Beautiful? – by Jessica

Embrace Your Unique Beauty: As I applied color to one of my clients we started a great conversation on the most recent topic of accepting ones unique beauty. Whether it’s…

PUBLISHED - Nov 7, 2015 read more

People Style Watch–Curly Hair

Our Beauty Editor, Jessica was featured in People Style Watch….so proud! We Tried It: A Haircut Just for Curly Hair Who tried it: Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor Why I…

PUBLISHED - Jul 15, 2015 read more
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