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Meet Darlin.. on a shopping spree in NYC from Arkansas! Darlin is an exercise instructor and after knowing Darlin we are convinced that what they say about exercise is true…it…

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Ah, the mother-daughter shopping trip. We love that women of all ages can shop at our store and we especially love the mother-daughter teams. We’ve seen the taste squabbles, budget…

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Hair Trend: Textured Pony-Tails

I like to refer to this amazing look as the “I Woke Up Like This…Flawless Look!”…a fab hair trend just in time for the Holidays. As mentioned earlier, Fall thru…

PUBLISHED - Nov 13, 2014 read more

Look Great..Red Lip Service

When it comes to makeup there is no bigger statement than red lips. The look is stunning, attention grabbing and a timeless classic. And the best thing is that anyone…

PUBLISHED - Nov 3, 2014 read more
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