Meet our Shoppers


Meet Jennifer from Connecticut. Shopping in Soho again, this time with her long time friend and co-worker Johanna. We love watching woman of all ages shopping together. Technology has changed…

PUBLISHED - Mar 24, 2015 read more

Carolyn and Kyndall

Meet Carolyn and Kyndall from Alabama…. on spring break from their University studies and falling in love with  NYC fashion. Both young woman know their bodies and have fantastic style sense….

PUBLISHED - Mar 21, 2015 read more

New in Fashion

Build The Wardrobe Of Your Dreams

Build The Wardrobe Of Your Dreams Spring Style Sweepstakes   The New Look of Fashion Fashionistas…it’s time we stop using the words fashion and style interchangeably. For starters, let’s not…

PUBLISHED - Mar 6, 2015 read more

Read about Beauty

Braids & Curls for Spring 2015

Let’s step into 2015 with continued fab fashion finds and all things fun & trendy with your locks. Whether you are straight or curly these styles will work well while…

PUBLISHED - Jan 7, 2015 read more
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